We are supporting the frontline

We have the capacity to warehouse more than 1,000,000 masks and distribute up to 100,000 masks per day to medical professionals, hospitals and companies of all sizes.

As a company, we are heavily invested in FDA approved N95 face masks and CE Certified KN95 Face Masks and Surgical Masks. Cov-Supply will continue to invest in new inventory, space and resources to provide for the immediate needs of our community and country.

All of Cov-Supply’s respirators are certified (NIOSH or CE) and filter at least 95% of airborne particles. Our premium-quality respirators are designed with ultrasonic welding technology for maximum comfort, glue-free, odorless. Our respirators help prevent diseases and infections such as the coronavirus.

Our face masks are used by hospitals, medical facilities and health professions around the globe!



Let's make a difference

For every 10 face masks sold, we are donating one disposable 3-ply face mask to a hospital in need. ​