Premium-quality N95 respirators (facemasks) are NIOSH certified.

Our premium-quality N95 face masks are NIOSH certified (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). NIOSH approved N95 face masks filter 95% airborne particles.

Our UNIAIR mask is commonly used by hospitals, medical facilities & officially approved by the government in the USA. Best used when treating patients with airborne diseases such as the coronavirus.

  • Face mask with filter. Filters at least 95% of airborne particles (0.3 micron) particles.
  • Designed with ultrasonic welding technology for maximum comfort. Very comfortable face masks for long-term wear.
  • Material: High-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton & melt blown non-woven fabric.
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 10” x 5.9” x 2.1” (26cm x 15cm x 5.50cm)
  • Glue-free and odorless face mask.
  • CE Certified Masks. Our N95 face masks have been manufactured to EEA standards, and are used by hospitals, medical facilities and health professionals. See our N95 Certification here.
  • Helps prevent diseases and infections such as the coronavirus.


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Let's make a difference

For every 10 face masks sold, we are donating one disposable 3-ply face mask to a hospital in need. ​


Purchase 10,000+ Units

We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 face masks and other medical supplies. We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times. The more your order the more you save!


I am a hospital (or government) looking for a large order. How do I get in touch?

You can contact us immediately for larger orders by phone. We currently extended business hours, representatives are available nearly 24/7.

Our biggest clients are hospitals and government-funded institutions. You can also contact us for larger orders by filling out our contact form. We can fill orders up to 10M face masks.

How can you be sure your respirator is NIOSH approved?

Your face mask will come with the word NIOSH printed on it as pictured in our product photos.

See our N95 Certification here. Shown below is our N95 Face Mask on the CDC list of approved manufacturers and models.

How long does it take for me to receive my product?

When ordering 10,000 units or less, turnaround time on all products is roughly 9 business days except for N95 facemasks (approximately 12 business days).

Expect an additional 3-5 days of lead time for production when ordering more than 10,000 units. 

How do I get in contact with someone about my recent purchase?

Please contact us by filling out our contact form or by emailing us at help@cov-supply.com

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept refunds or returns due to hygiene reasons.

What is the difference between the masks?

The N95 and the KN95 are very similar in specs and both have maximum protection against the coronavirus.

The KN95 is much more affordable, and is the best option for small businesses, donations and some hospitals. The 3-ply is a standard surgical disposable mask and the cheapest.